SE 14th Street Remodel Update

As we enhance our SE 14th St. location, we appreciate your understanding. Due to ongoing construction, our vestibule and drive-thru are temporarily closed. Please utilize the south door to access our open lobby.

Thank you for your patience; we're excited for the completion of this project!

SE 14th Street Remodel Update

Money Market

Money Market Accounts earn a better return on your investment dollars without being locked into a specific term!

  • Dividends are paid monthly.

Should your balance fall below $5,000, you will earn this lower rate and be charged a $5.00 monthly service fee until balance is above $5,000 again.

You may take up to six (6) debits (withdrawals) per month without any service charges, a service charge of $10/withdrawl will be applied after.

Stop by or call TODAY for more information or to set up your Money Market Account!