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Opening Deposit$25.00$5.00$25.00
Minimum Balance$25.00$5,000.00**None$25.00
Monthly Service ChargeN/AN/AN/AN/A
Interest PaidOnce balance reaches $100.00, dividends paid monthlyMonthlyAnnual DividendsOnce balance reaches $100.00, dividends paid monthly
ATM Processing Fees8 free/monthN/AN/AN/A
Withdrawal LimitsN/A(6) debits (withdrawals) per month without any service chargesYou may also withdraw from this account by paying a $10.00 early withdrawal fee for each withdrawal.N/A
Other Benefits

** Should your balance fall below $5,000.00, you will earn this lower rate until your balance is above $5,000.00 again.
    Does not include any applicable foreign ATM fees charged by the ATM owners.
    Transaction limitations and excess withdrawal fees may apply. See a personal banker for details.

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