Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Share Account Fees
$25.00 per item

$25.00 /request

$10.00 per withdrawal

Money Market Accounts

$10.00 per withdrawal (6 free per month before fee is incurred)

$5.00 (if account falls below $5,000)

Checking Account Fees

$25.00 per item Max $100/day

$25.00 per item

$25.00 per item + tax

Prices vary per style of checks

$4.00 per item

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

$0.75; no charge for deposits

The first eight (8) transactions per month are FREE; $0.75 per transaction

thereafter; “swipe and sign” transactions are always free

12/month at no charge

4/month at no charge

$20.00 per item

Debit Card Fees
Check Cashing Fees
Other Service Fee

(Applicable to all accounts)

$25.00 per hour after one (1) request, one (1) hour minimum

$25.00 per hour after one (1) request, one (1) hour minimum

$5.00 per copy

$5.00 per occurance

$7.00 per item

$5.00 per transfer

$20.00 per transfer

$40.00 per transfer

$15.00 per request (with a significant waiting period prior to re-issue)

$4.00 per copy

$1.50 per Money Order

$25.00 per item

$5.00 per month after one (1) year of inactivity and account under $250.00

$20.00 if closed within 90 days of opening/re-opening

$20.00 if opened within 90 days of closure

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