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Members are the foundation of our credit union

At the heart of the credit union industry since its inception

People Helping People

We put this premise in everything we do. Being a member of Journey Credit Union means you are a member-owner of our financial institution. How is this different? This means our relationship with you is more than about just dollars and cents.

Members are more than a number. They are the foundation of our credit union and they are treated as such. People helping people is really about service. Our goal is to provide service and products to help our members be better off financially. Whether is it with a low interest auto loan or setting up a savings plan to have a better retirement. We are people helping people.

As a Journey CU member, you have a voice in how we do things. For instance, members have a vote in how the credit union is run. Our Board of Directors is voted on by our membership. Our Board is comprised of JCU members that live and/or work locally. This translates to decisions being made that are reflective of the needs of our members and our community. Any adult JCU member has the opportunity to run for a seat on the Board of Directors.

There so many distinct differences when doing business with us that we can’t list them all here. If you would like to learn more, page through our website, live chat with us, call us or send an email. We’ll be happy to provide information to any questions you have. You’re invited to become JCU member and start enjoying the perks today.

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Journey CU Group

Our Mission

It is our belief that active members of the Credit Union are so because of their confidences in the credit union’s products and people. It shall be the mission of Journey Credit Union to benefit all members by:

We strive to be a well-managed, respected credit union to meet our members’ changing social, economic and cultural needs with integrity, prudence, intelligence, skill, and diligence.

Our Values

Members are more than a number.

Vision Statement

Journey Credit Union will seek to provide proven technology and provide education to our members in using the technology and our other products and services.

Value Statement

We are a personal and trusted provider of financial services!

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