Fun idea: Valentine date night for a penny

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a penny. If you don’t have a penny handy, it’s just a matter of yanking the cushions off the couch, checking the cupholder of your car, or sneaking one out of your kid’s piggy bank while they’re at school.
  2. Have your date pick a number from 10-20 (without telling them what it’s for) or use an online random number generator. This number is the number of turns you’ll take throughout your date.
  3. Hop in the car.
  4. To start the adventure, have your date flip the penny. If it lands heads up, turn right. If it lands tails up, turn left.
  5. Start driving in whichever direction the penny instructs. Stop and flip again each time you reach a stop sign, stop light, or intersection.
  6. Continue flipping the penny, turning left or right at each juncture, until you’ve reached the number you set at the beginning of the night.
  7. Once you reach that number, stop the car.
  8. Wherever you are, that’s where your date will take place.

If you are looking to find a park or some sort of entertainment-type venue, good for you!

If all you happen to see before you are a gas station, I wish you the best of luck throwing a romantic spin on that one. YIKES.

But it’s all part of the adventure, right?

No, really. The fun of the penny date is in the mystery, the confusion, and the downright ridiculousness of your time together. It’s a way to do something different, something that you wouldn’t have done ordinarily, and to have fun doing it.

Either way, it’s sure to be a memorable date, right?

Penny date tips:

To keep costs low, pack a snack or meal to bring with you. That way, wherever you end up, you’ll have a dinner ready to go. (This is especially important if you’re going on this date on Valentine’s Day because most places will be booked solid. You won’t be able to randomly show up at a restaurant and expect to get a table – especially in this age of social distancing.)

You don’t have to be in a metropolitan area to make this date work, but you’ll want to adjust your number of turns based on your location. 20 turns won’t take very long on city streets, but if you’re driving long back roads, 20 turns could take forever.

Even if there’s a stop sign or traffic light, don’t turn into a parking lot or street with no outlet. Just move along to the next intersection and flip the penny there.

Keep your adventurous spirit open to the experience. Chances are, you’re going to end up somewhere less than romantic ( or maybe even downright weird), but it’s all part of the fun of a date night left totally up to chance.

More often than not, a penny date offers up a little nonsense, a lot of laughter, and a couple of really great stories.

Besides, like any good relationship, a penny date is about the journey – not the destination. Right? (No, left.)

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