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Account access, Anywhere, Anytime.

Mobile Banking puts it all in the palm of your hand. You can check balances, transfer funds, BLOCK YOUR DEBIT CARD and more!  Wherever you go, shouldn't your money follow?  Simply download the Journey Credit Union app today! 

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BRELLA App (formerly known as Shazam BOLT$)

Mobile convenience

With the Brella app, cardholders can access balance information on their smartphones, tablets and home computers. Brella users are able to pause their card with the transaction control feature and use GPS technology to locate nearby ATMs. Members can turn their cards ON/OFF if their card is lost, stolen, or suspicious activity occurs.

Reliable fraud protection

Like a high-tech early-warning system, Brella immediately sends alerts on any potentially fraudulent activity. When cardholders are aware of suspicious activity, they can contact JCU and put a stop to it.

Brella notfies cardholders of potentially fruadulent activities, 24/7, for the following:

  • Purchases exceeding cardholder-defined thresholds
  • Card-not-present debit transactions via phone, Internet, or mail
  • Suspicious or high-risk transactions

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