ATM/Shared Banking Locations

Local ATM Location

Journey Credit Union has an ATM conveniently located at our Southside office at 2930 SE 14th, Des Moines, Iowa, and ALL transactions for our members are FREE at this location!  As many times a month as you wish, you may use this ATM at no charge!

Privilieged Status

Of course, you can use your ATM or Debit Card at any ATM carrying the Shazam or Cirrus logo.  And to save on surcharges, look for the Privileged Status logo on the ATM you use - we have joined this network (at no cost to you ) in order to help you avoid extra surcharges on your ATM transactions.  You can look up local Privileged Status terminals by going to and entering the Privileged Status area found under "ATM Locations".

Co-Op Sharing Branch

Journey Credit Union is a member of the Shared Branching network, a fast growing national network of credit unions that allow members of other credit unions to use their branches to conduct basic teller transactions. What does this mean for you?  CONVENIENCE!  There are over 4000 shared branching service center locations throughout the country and around town.  If one of these locations is close to your home or work, you can enjoy the convenience of doing your credit union transactions close to where you are without having to drive across town.