Used Vehicles

Definition: pre-owned vehicles from prior model year and older.

Looking for a new-to-you vehicle?

Unlike other places, we have the ability to finance any year of vehicle. Plus we don’t charge an arm and a leg to finance a used vehicle like other places. So, if you have your eyes on a gorgeous 1969 Camaro SS, we have a loan to finance it. Or maybe you have always wanted a 1992 Ford Escort (because who hasn’t, they have the cool gear shifter thingy)?

You’re in luck, we have a loan for it.

Maybe, you don’t care what it is… you just need a different vehicle to get you from point A to point B because your current vehicle is really just a garage ornament at this point? You’re at the right place!

We have loan options available for all years, makes and models of vehicles.

Our used vehicle rates are as low as 3.75%.

There’s no reason not to go for it and have the new-to-you vehicle in your driveway today.

Tell your salesperson you are a Journey Credit Union member and apply for your JCU loan at the dealership via CUDL indirect lending.   Learn more HERE.