Share-secured Loans

Definition: use your own hard-earned money to help start or boost your credit.

Think of it this way. A car loan uses the title to your vehicle to back/secure the loan. This loan uses money you have in your account to back/help you get a loan.

Your question is probably WHO would use their own money to get a loan to get the same money? There is a perfectly good answer. This loan is an exceptional tool to help people in specific situations.

Is this you?

  • I don’t have credit. In order to get credit. I need credit.
  • I need a second chance. I want to repair my credit. I need a quick start.
  • I don’t have a co-signor. I need to start my credit. How do I get started on my own?

Shared Secured Loans enable people in all the above scenarios to either get credit or repair their credit.

It is an amazing way to build financial independence.