10 ways to save on summer vacation

  1. Visit destinations within driving distance.

The average cost for a family of four to fly around trip is about $1200. This doesn’t include the expense of airport food, transportation to your hotel, or a rental car once you reach your destination. If you don’t think your vehicle is reliable enough for an extended road trip, renting a car that gets good gas mileage may be a cost-saving option. Make it more fun by including the family in planning the route and packing snacks and games.

2. If you choose to fly, Tuesdays is when you can take advantage of the best fares.

If your schedule is flexible and you don’t mind flying during non-peak hours, you can save hundreds in airfare. A bonus of flying when it’s not as busy as maybe the seat next to you will be empty during the flight which means more comfort and room for you.

3. Share a rental with friends or family.

Sharing expenses definitely eases the cost of a vacation. Renting a house means you can prepare food together which is typically healthier and saves cash. It’s also an opportunity to make lifelong memories with loved ones.

4. Explore the great outdoors.

Nature is often free to explore. Camping at a state or national park can be an inexpensive option for a resort or vacation rental. Many state and national parks offer camping and/or cabin rental for nominal rates. It can be a chance to unplug, disconnect, and recharge.

5. Pick a destination with fee entertainment or where kids stay/eat free.

Anytime you can incorporate FREE into your vacation budget it’s a good thing. Saving on entertainment and kid’s meals can add up to hundreds of dollars.

6. Stay with friends or family.

Have a friend or family member who lives near a vacation destination? This would be a great time to catch up with them and save on your vacation. Often, when friends or family know you’ll be visiting the area, they will prefer you stay with them and offer to show you around. They will be able to advise you on the best places to see and experience along with how to avoid the pitfalls.

7. Consider an all-inclusive resort.

There are many good deals to be had if you search the web. All-inclusive can save you money on food, beverages, and activities. It also saves on having to keep such a close eye on your budget since it’s all included in one price.

8. Pack your lunch.

Not only does it save money, but packing your own lunch is usually healthier than eating out. If you are visiting an attraction or even driving on a road trip, having a picnic can not only cut expenses but add to your whole vacation experience. There’s something nostalgic about having a picnic in a park and it may be an unexpected memory maker.

9. Plan your trip around non peak seasons to get the best deal.

Research your destination to learn when the least expensive time to visit is. Plan your travel during those times. Often the nonpeak savings will apply to travel as well as to activities and events.

10. Trip on a gas tank.

Taking a day trip to a new place nearby will save you food and lodging costs. You may be surprised to find fun new places within a few hours of where you live. You could plan to experience the best ice shops, trails, waterfalls, or burgers in Iowa. Allowing you to experience new things in your area without breaking the bank.

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