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Make Your Move to Great Checking!   

Isn't it time you consider moving all your accounts under one roof? We'll make it easy for you.

Your move to great checking is a click away. You can begin the process to close your checking account with another financial institution, move your direct deposit and reassign your automatic payment without leaving this site.

Simply select the form you want and a new window will open.

Checking Account Closure Notification: Alerts your current financial institution that you want to close your account and where to forward your money when the account is closed. Once you complete the form, mail it to the institution where you are closing your account.

Direct Deposit Change Notification: Notify your employer of a change in financial institution for direct deposit purposes.

Automatic Payment Change Notification: Transfer automatic transactions by using this form to inform participating companies of your new checking account.

Complete the information requested using the tab key or by moving your curser to the appropriate line or box to navigate the form. Print out the form, sign it and mail it. Select "Landscape" as your page orientation when printing.
Soon you'll be enjoying the benefits of credit union checking.

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view and complete this form. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download this free option now.

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